Litigation is a serious matter requiring detailed investigation, comprehensive pre-trial discovery, thoughtful depositions and thorough trial preparation. Joseph A. Mulé, P.C. has over Thirty five years of experience in the various aspects of civil litigation. His experience extends to both Federal and New York State Courts, as well as, the Surrogates' Court and the Court of Claims. He is disposed to offer quality representation and is mindful of the economics associated with litigation and recognize the value of a negotiated and equitable settlement whenever the circumstances present themselves.

Personal Injury Defense Litigation

Joseph A. Mulé, P.C. has extensive experience in personal injury litigation, representing clients that range from individuals to large corporations. When a legal action is commenced, the he uses a proactive approach throughout the various stages of the litigation, with the goal to place his clients in the best possible posture for a satisfactory resolution of the matter. Often cases are resolved through motion practice or settlement negotiations. If the case proceeds to trial, the firm's experienced litigation attorneys are prepared to present the best possible defense to the judge or jury.

Property Damage Litigation

Joseph A. Mulé, P.C. has extensive experience in both recovering damages to property through the negligence and carelessness of others as well as, defending property damage claims brought against our clients.

Real Estate

Joseph A. Mulé, P.C. handle both residential and commercial real estate matters. His practice has encompassed residential and commercial sales and acquisitions; preparing and negotiating commercial leases; representing both commercial landlords and tenants in landlord and tenant disputes; and the representation of real estate brokers in broker disputes. Joseph Mulé, Esq. has been appointed a referee in both residential and commercial foreclosure matters over the past 25 years and has represented banks and savings and loan associations pertaining to residential and commercial loans, as well as in mortgage foreclosure proceedings.

Matrimonial and Family Law

Joseph A. Mulé, P.C. is professional, experienced and a hard working attorney who fully appreciates the sensitive nature of family proceedings. He is disposed to offer quality representation with the view toward negotiating equitable and just settlements wherever possible. He is also qualified to litigate complex issues pertaining to financial property, support, maintenance and parenting issues involving custody and visitation.